Beauty.............................Happy Mother's Day!!!

I am always excited to photograph a Beautiful Woman.  This month I wanted to share some Portraits of 3 Beautiful - Inspiring Women I had the opportunity to photograph.

This session began as a conversation.  I wanted to know why women are hesitant to take a Gorgeous Portrait.  The response was pretty much identical between these 3 women ---- I need to lose weight --- I don't take good pictures --- I don't need a picture of myself, etc.  Naturally my response was OMG - We as women are Amazing with our natural curves and distinct features.  I challenged them to a portrait session.  My goal as with all my clients is to show them how Beautiful they truly are and how fulfilling it is to have an Amazing Portrait of themselves is.  The feeling of seeing yourself and the true Beauty you as a woman hold is unreal.


We called on Dinyetta Love to jump in and work her wonderful Make Up techniques and spent the afternoon having a blast.  Dinyetta is not just the average Make Up Artist.  She specializes in skin care also.  Her goal is always to accentuate a Women’s Beauty by highlighting the features that make each of us unique.  No matter what look you are going for –POSH –GLAM—NATURAL—she makes sure your portraits will forever be your perfect look.

What started out as 3 timid and unsure proud Mother's  ended as a day filled with  a lot of laughing, jumping in and out of each others frames.  I noticed how these women's attitudes transformed into relaxed, while realizing that being photographed was actually fun.